Self-Insert Draft:  Developer Diary #4 2018-06-04


Last week I talked about two new characters that I was introducing into the game: the Redeemed Bandit and the Chosen One. While not all my goals were met last week, I can still say that I believe that significant progress was made in the department of worldbuilding. Writing encyclopedia entries for my game was surprisingly fun. I hope people get as engrossed in my silly world as I did!

Progress Last Week:


For the most part, progress on the story last week has been replaced with worldbuilding. I managed to make good progress on the Chosen One, introducing her character to the story.


Using jsfehler’s Renpy Encyclopedia, I integrated the system into Self Insert: Draft. Here is a small draft of his encyclopedia adapted to the art style in the game. Will need to get rid of that garish red, but otherwise, I’m loving the system so far.


Progress Last Week in Numbers:

Lines of Self-Written Code: 700

Goals for Next Week:


  • Finish transition into DoodleWorld
  • Add Combat Scenes to Norse Outpost (Taken standstill)
  • Work on arcs on the Chosen One
  • Finish the first quest
  • Add more Worldbuilding.


  • Finish draft for battle system URGENT

Please tune in next Monday!


William Lucht





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