Greetings traveler, William here. Welcome to Arcani Interactive! Here you will find developer diaries for the games currently in production as well as information regarding the game that we have published in the past! Here are some of the key tenets that I believe when making games:

  1. The player should have agency. Taking inspiration from Bethesda and Obsidian Studios, I believe that the player should have a real impact on the game. Your choices as a player should impact and affect the story whenever possible. What joy is there when you kill a camp of bandits to find that no one appreciated your hard work! Furthermore, there should be multiple ways to solve a problem. Just like in real life.
  2. Games should offer a fun experience. Why do we play games? For art? For work? Most people would say for fun. I  sincerely appreciate you taking the time to play the games that we produce when let’s face it, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other games that are out in the market. While yes, artsiness, social messages, these are often parts of the games that I try to produce. But ultimately, my design tenant is fun gameplay.
  3. Development should be as transparent as possible. After realizing the flaws of some of my earlier releases (cough… cough… Cassandra), I noticed some changes ought to be made in development. I will aim to be as open as possible, of course without releasing too many spoilers. Paradox Interactive has been my main inspiration for this. When my project is finished, I will release the total cost of the project for future developers.