Self-Insert Draft: Developer Diary #3 2018-05-28

Last week, I talked about an Elder Futhark section as well as outlined my plans for a battle system. Trying to meet 100 lines of code a day goal is somewhat hard, but I’m working toward it. Its almost a bit like NaNoWriMo, but with code. Spooky.

Progress Last Week:


I am currently in the works of writing for two new characters. One, the Redeemed Bandit and two, the Chosen One. These characters will have major arcs in the story and will be encountered shortly after the “tutorial section of the game.”


Worked on a draft map, doing a bit of worldbuilding on the side. This image or an image similar to this will act as the “world-map” for the game.

Terra Magnior

Progress Last Week in Numbers:

Lines of Code: 400

Goals for Next Week:


  • Finish transition into DoodleWorld
  • Start arcs on the Chosen One
  • Add Combat Scenes to Norse Outpost


  • Work on backgrounds


  • Finish draft for battle system


Please tune in next Monday!


William Lucht

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