Self-Insert Draft: Developer Diary #5 2018-06-11

Last week I talked about the encyclopedia that I was working on. For the most part, the encyclopedia is finished, however, more updates will of course be warranted as I develop the story further. Some people might ask? Hey William, what’s the point of an encyclopedia in a small visual novel? Well I suppose more features couldn’t hurt, Plus with tropey names being tossed about it can be nice to have some extra backstory.

Progress Last Week:


The story writing this week was dominated by writing regarding the first major quest of the main questline: introducing the main characters to the stage including the infamous Emo Foil.


Oh boy, oh boy. This week was a hectic week for code. I’m trying to work on the battle system, but you see, I programmed a battle system before. For Cassandra’s Fabulous Foray, I developed a robust 1v1 system, however, the graphics leave something to be desired. Using DemonAngelz’s Framework, I am fleshing out the battle system. I made good progress on developing the skills of the player characters and will be finished this week for some sweet sweet pics.

Progress Last Week in Numbers:

Lines of Self-Written Code: 1228

Goals for Next Week:


  • Finish Second Quest


  • Finish skills for battle system

Please tune in next Monday!


William Lucht


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