Hyperborea Dev Diary #12: Fixing UI Elements

Dear friends,

Let’s be real here. The default RPG Maker MV UI… shall we say… leaves things to be desired. It’s coarse, it’s rough, it’s irritating and it gets everywhere. I’ve been trying to ameliorate this issue through the use of several different techniques.


Dragos Mad.  Art made a very nice medieval-esque miniature for the title sequence of the video game. For that, I am eternally grateful. Above you can a part of it as it scrolls by. Additionally, I have used several of MogHunter ‘s plugins in order to have a floating cursor effect and a gentle breeze of the cold tundra air. I used Canva, (not exactly the best editing software) to make the buttons. Could I have done it with GIMP? Yes, yes I could have, but I just got home that day and was using Canva at work and thought, meh, why not. I liked how it turned out, you can let me know how you feel however.

bullet and health

The next aspect that I have changed with the UI is a health bar in the bottom and number of bullets on the side. The times demand a lightweight UI and to be honest, I buy into it. I know the horrors of a cluttered UI. For a simple and responsive UI, I used Some Random Dude’s plugins. Talk to you guys soon. Hope that you are having a great Christmas so far.

William Lucht

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