She wakes up alone…
and trapped in the frozen tundra of Hyperborea, Hypatia must use her wits and wileys if she is to escape this accursed corner of the world. the choices she makes will determine not only her future, but that of the imperial exploratory legion. Help Hypatia leave Hyperborea in one piece and find her love: Semele.

Hyperborea is a short adventure RPG game that will befree to play and available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Hypatia will have to balance her resources as she enters an increasingly surreal world.

Hyperborea, inspired from the apocryphal land of its namesake, is the land where the Sun Only Sets Once. Within the context of the world, Hyperborea lays far north of the Tigotierian Empire. The ever-expanding grasp of the Tigotierian Empire has enveloped most of the known world. While the Northern Tribes of the Althing Confederation have been largely pacified, Hyperborea remained the sole northern territory unclaimed by Tigotieria, or anyone really.  However, as Hypatia would soon find out, there is a reason why.

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