Self-Insert Draft


You are a high school student in a classroom getting bored form the teacher lecturing about the Battle of Manzikert (a fascinating tale I assure you). Combined with your lack of sleep last night, you start doodling on your notebook where you fall asleep and are teleported into the world of the your doodle. There in Doodleworld, you meet wonderful people like Love Interest, your very own waifu/husbando. As the Evil Empire advances into the beautiful Fantasy Town of the 7 5 Brothers, you, the HERO, the Self-Insert, must defend the poor denizens of FTo5B and take the fight to the Empire.

Game Design:

Self-Insert Draft will be a visual novel with several battle elements. I plan to have a battle system like that that was in the RPGmaker engine, of course with variations. Your relationship with the Love Interest (or other characters) will determine how the story functions.