Hyperborea Dev Diary #9: DEATH / Game Over States in RPGMakerMV


Like many adventure games, Hyperborea will feature people dying (RIP). This week has been focused mainly on death scenarios for poor Hypatia as well as multiple “game over” states depending on actions such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Stepping on tripwires
  • Falling and dying
  • Freezing
  • Bleeding
  • Bites
  • Going insane
  • Thinking about your senpai too much
  • Questioning life choices?

While RPGMaker does have a native game over, it doesn’t allow much flexibility. The way that I have gone about ameliorating this is to create a common event “death” which most critical events will lead to. This is combined with a death “variable” which will indicate which type of death you received, before finally ending with the game over sequence built into RPGMaker!


William Lucht

Hyperborea Dev Diary #7: Sakan Scene Builder

Hello Friends,

The last weeks, I have been playing with Sakan Scene Builder. If you’ve ever considering purchasing this, I hope that this little write-up will help you make your decisions.

Sakan is well integrated into RPG Maker MV, albeit with a somewhat clunky UI. The Scene Builder like a “movie maker” tool such as Vegas or Premiere that eases some of the nitty-gritty work of the scripting behind events in RPG Maker. While it is effective in simplifying the details, you could all of these things by hand should you choose.


To really nail in that “movie-maker” feel, you can place different tracks of audio/text/pictures depending on how you want to arrange the pictures. Scene Builder retrieves the files from your game folder locally, so make sure that your files are compatible with RPG Maker!


An interesting point is when you want to save your work for a later time., you actually export it as a JSON.


2 Resolution

An annoying thing for my Scene Builder was that every time I reopened the program, even after importing JSONs, I would have to reset my resolution. A small annoyance, but still one nonetheless.

Overall Sakan Scene Builder is a fun tool, with some minor QoL gripes if you just want to build simple scenes. However, if you want more complexity, then either scripting your own system in, using RenPy, might yield better results.



Hyperborea Dev Diary #6: Semele

Dear Friends,

Hello! Thank you for joining me today! This Labour Day weekend, I found myself in Detroit with some family. I did have the opportunity to work on some cutscenes though which will serve as the primary interlocutors of the story for the player! Additionally, I thought I’d introduce a secondary character. Designed by Schlee, I have the honour of presenting Semele, the love interest of Hypatia.


Your actions will determine if she lives or perishes in the harsh environment of Hyperborea! Can you save Hypatia’s “waifu”!

The following week, I expect to have a good amount of the cutscenes finished. Including death scenes, the opening cutscene, and maybe I’ll get some write-ups done for the scene builder tool that I bought for RPGMaker MV. And some commentary: Was it worth it?


William Lucht