Self-Insert Draft: Developer Diary #6 Battle System Tweaks 2018-06-18

Greetings folk! Last week I talked about some aspects of the story,  but more importantly, the battle system! This week was primarily focused on the battle system. At this point, I have to really realign/determine my game design. Is this game going to be primarily a visual novel or a JRPG? If I am promoting a mixed format, how can I integrate them well enough in order to have a seamless experience? I don’t want to burden the people primarily interested in VNs with unnecessary battles.

Progress Last Week:

As stated in my previous I am using DemonAngelz’s Framework. I built the skills for the characters so far and am trying to iron out bugs as well as improve the GUI. I was proud that I became familiar with the tooltip function so people will understand the mechanics of “Ha! Nothing Personal!” rather than sighing at a dead meme.


DemonAngelz framework is great, however, perhaps purposefully, bland. I’ve tried to spice up the system with multiple varieties of attacks that players will have to choose from. There are simple attacks like “Dark Blade Bathory” which just absorb health from your enemy, but then you have moves like “Passion of the Angels”, which removes most of Love Interest’s health but completely heals other party members. This, of course, can be combined with 90% > chance stun moves. To prevent the said character from dying.


Progress Last Week in Numbers:

Lines of Written Code: 235 (but a lot has been modified from the battle system discussed last week.)


Goals for Next Week:


  • Finish Second Quest (Urgent)


  • Finish skills for battle system
  • Work on GUI for battle system


Please tune in next Monday!


William Lucht


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