Self-Insert Draft: Developer Diary #2 | 2018-05-21

Last week, we talked about the development of UI elements such as avatar selection. While my dream of 100 lines of (story) code a day did not pan out to working (RIP), what can you really do eh? I would blame work, which to an extent is true, but of course, some days you are just lazy and want to play video games.

Progress Last Week:


The Elder Futhark section has been finished. Now, I don’t want to torture the reader too long so there are only a few lines in Elder Futhark so far. I think the novelty of having a town that “speaks” in a foreign language is cool, although the mechanical side of that can prove to be challenging to make fun.


I have continued trying my hand at backgrounds to varying success. I am writing a document of the backgrounds that I need based on the story that I have written so far. I’m currently up to 38, oof. That’s a good bit of work.

I am working with one of the freelancers, Pumahitam, to develop a new character. Here are the first designs of a new character: the “Redeemed Bandit”


The Redeemed Bandit

Progress Last Week in Numbers:

Lines of Code: 200

Goals for Next Week:


  • Finish transition into DoodleWorld (URGENT 1 WEEK OVERDUE)
  • Add Combat Scenes to Norse Outpost


  • Work on backgrounds


  • Develop draft for battle system

Please tune in on Monday; sorry for all readers about failing to deliver my diary on Sunday/ was a bit slow there. I will be more punctual in the future


William Lucht

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