Self-Insert Draft: Developer Diary #10 Conditional Options 2018-07-24

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the delay! Hope that you all had an exciting and fun-filled weekend. We’ve been super busy at Arcani and in my personal life. We just adopted a new kitten called Nike, after the Goddess of Victory, not the shoe! With regard to Self-Insert Draft, I am working on instituting conditional options based on your relationship with characters. Kind of like how in the Fallout Series you would have skill checks in dialogue (and other things), Self-Insert Draft will have relationship checks in dialogue. To this extent, relationship not only measures your bond between the character and yourself, it also measures your investment into the character.  While not game-blocking, using your party members to convince the folk of the world will become a critical component in advancing the story peacefully. Of course, if you want most of your dialogue to go violently… well, go ahead, you can do that too.



William Lucht

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