Self-Insert Draft: Developer Diary #9 Quests and Quests 2018-07-16

Dear Viewers,

The progress with Self-Insert Draft has been proceeding well! I have finished the third and fourth “quests” in the system. We are starting to move from the starter town to greener pastures. At a certain point, related to the quest the player is forced to choose between two different characters: The Redeemed Bandit and the Chosen One. The Chosen One is a character that I particularly fell in love with. You entered this world. A world that she was meant to save. However, you have been getting the glory. To some extent, she can serve as the true foil to the story, especially compared to the eponymous Emo Foil. 

Additionally, I apologise for the new format. I thought it might be more palatable and a bit less formulaic to use a more casual and less structured style. Let me know what you think!


William Lucht

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