Hyperborea Dev Diary #5: Map Size and Design

Dear Friends,

Thank you for tuning in! This week I’m talking a bit about map design and philosophy around Hyperborea. When I am designing the game, I am confronted with a major question: How can I make a environment both bleak and interesting?

This has been the main struggle in the level design of Hyperborea. By the nature of the environment, basically a frozen, barren, wasteland, it eliminates much of the available decor of a normal environment (ex. trees, flowers, human architecture).


However it does not preclude mountainous environments and canyons, which form some of the main “obstacles” in Hyperborea. When people do see plant life, it will be a special occasion that marks a certain event.

zoomed out image of a tree.

In this regard, the main map of Hyperborea will roughly be a 512×512 grid.  Of course interspersed with interior cells.



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